Friday, April 10, 2009

Mr. Wizard & The Beatles

We seem to have a bit of a Beatles theme going here. I just want to say that's not my intention - blame Michael Jackson. 
My friend Rich is a terrific storyteller. I invited him to do a StoryCorps session with me. This file (99.5 mb mp3) was the result.
Rich tells two stories. The first is about a magic trick that he used to do with his school chums called "Mr. Wizard." I don't know why, but this story just kills me. The second story is about how he and his friends sneaked into the hotel where the Beatles were having their press conference in Boston back in 1964. They infiltrated the press conference and even asked questions! It's a hoot.
Since then, he wrote this e-mail to me about how their story has hit the inter-webs: 

Hi Henry:
Hope all is well.
Thought you might get a kick out of this - the story of the Beatles press conference. Somehow we were contacted by a guy who runs a Beatles web site and we told him our whole story and this is it. (Link)
Thanks again for your support and the story-listening.

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