Saturday, May 2, 2009


The Buskers have a new album coming out soon - and they are performing at the Franklin Opera House to celebrate its release. Oops. That's tonight. Guess I can't make it. Sorry, Craig, et al.

Wanna buy the albums? Here's a link to an address where you can order via good old US mail (Oh, and you can buy mp3s of the new stuff, too).
Hey that last one looks familiar. Oh, yeah, I designed the "doggy" cover.8¬/

I've listened to Spank That Tambourine - and it is wonderful. From the opening chords it's clear that The Buskers have sharpened their production and sweetened their sound. The vocal mix is the best yet, with terrific backup singing and the instrumentals are smoking. Not literally. Favorite song (so far): "You Devil, You Dog." (or is it dog/devil?)

Painter, poet and raconteur Hal Bernstein is reading some of his poetry at The Telephone Bar on Second Avenue (just south of St Marks Church in The Bowery, b/w 9th & 10th Sts.) on Monday, May 4 at 8PM.

I'll be there. With flour in my hair.

*****Extremely EXTRA****
This is happening this weekend - mark your calendars.

This is from Steve:

A lot of people have been asking:
One way to describe it is a Clothing Swap that substitutes Knowledge for Clothing. Another way is a farmer’s market in which you substitute Knowledge for Produce (although no Money is exchanged).

It’s a forum for you to share one thing you know well by sitting in a flea market like atmosphere for 20 minutes or longer and share your knowledge with people who what to know what you know. Everyone knows something and there is no prerequisite for who can exchange knowledge. Expect people from all backgrounds and ages….

Here’s How it Works:
1.) Think about what you know and would like to share. You needn’t be an expert, but simply feel confident and passionate about what you know. Past knowledge exchanges have included: Hypnotism, Breastfeeding, Grilling, Photoshop, How to Argue, Interior Decorating, Knitting, Salmon Fishing…
2.) Give what you know a name.
3.) Decide how long you want to be responsible for sharing what you know in public. The smallest increment of time is 20 minutes and the maximum amount of time is 3 hours. At least 40 minutes would be great
4.) Send an email to Steve Ausbury (or find him on Facebook) stating your name, knowledge sharing topic, specific time you can commit between 12 – 3pm and contact info.
5.) See you on May 9th. We will have pads, pens, large memo pads, and a box of various materials to help you share your knowledge. Please bring your own special supplies if needed. Bring friends and family!
The Knowledge Exchange is part of the Flatbush Freemeet: The Knowledge Exchange will be part of the Flatbush Freemeet hosted by Freecycle™NYC and Sustainable Flatbush. Bring your old clothes, electronics, and other reusable household items and pick up new stuff! Then exchange knowledge with people from Flatbush and parts elsewhere!

Time: May 9th from 12 – 3pm
Location: P.S. 217 playground, Coney Island Avenue at Newkirk Avenue, Brooklyn. Closest subway is the Q train.

Kevin Hays, pianist extraordinaire, filmmaker, and teacher, will be performing at the Rubin Museum of Art on June 26, 2009!

Heck, maybe I'll make it this time. Here's what I said about the show I saw: "This is the kind of music I always want to hear." Endquote, the raven.


Anonymous said...

It's unclear from your text which Buskers album you designed.... The most recent one ("Spank That Tambourine") or the oldest one ("The Buskers"). Either way, very cool.


Henry said...

Aye, matey, yr right. It twar the premiere, "The Buskers [aka 'The Doggie Album']".