Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sound archive(s), free, online, go now

"Explore 44,500 selected recording of music, spoken word, and human and natural environments."

The British Library has opened its very impressive archive of recorded sounds to the public. Who knows what's out there?

Here's a clip of an "aboriginal song on wax cylinder 1898." (courtesy of the Guardian)

Speaking of archives, Ubuweb has an amazing one. Theirs is focused on art, and it's just about that specific; you can find almost anything relating to any art medium that's ever been recorded or documented via this incredible site.

Case in point: I tried to collect the Tellus cassette-only music magazine when it was being published, but I only managed to snag a few (I miss See Hear.) Ubuweb has links to all 26 of these historic collections of avant-garde work, all downloadable, legit and cost-free:
Tellus #10: The All-Guitars issue (1985): Glenn Branca - Acoustic Phenomena (mp3)


BlueRedBlue said...

HOLY COW! The UbuWeb site is AMAZING!
I've spent the last hour sampling the 365 Days Project and haven't scratched the surface.

Now if I could just find a recording of the sign-off for the "Wired Woodshead" radio program from '60s Syracuse I'd be a happy man.

"Ram it, Slam it and see you in the mornin'!"

BlueRedBlue said...

Oops... woodshed.